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Page Rank | Are You A Tortoise Or Hare?

Scribe: More Traffic in Less Time

If you are seeking ways on how you can efficiently rank high in the search engine results, then SEO is the best thing to consider to get a high page rank. But how could you do this? What can you do so that you can have successful SEO? Is it worth your time and effort? If you wish to do this, then you should take a look at the following things and how they relate to your local page rank.

Simple SEO Tips To Increase Page Rank

KEYWORDS To Increase Page RankGet higher page rank

Your website can be observed by search engines by means of keywords and key phrases. So make sure to ready every page for the search engines. Being mindful of this, it is a must that every page should have four or five keywords.

However, you must also take extreme care in using keywords. Search engines pay attention when you purposely do this. Additionally, the overuse of keywords will greatly hurt the quality of your article. It is a must that you first target the quality of the article before adding some keywords.

META-TAGS To Increase Page Rank

Search engines are mindfully observing meta-tags. Among the most useful and significant meta-tags are titles and descriptions. It’s vital that these tags have the essential keyword. Most search engines employ keywords meta-tags except Google. Will this be of big significance? To tell you the truth, it depends on your audience. Others would agree that if you place keywords into your site you are allowing your rivals to have the edge. However, some people say that your competitors will be able to know very well what keywords you use even if you try hard to conceal it.

LINKING To Increase Page Rank

Linking is considered to be one of the most key elements in SEO. Without appropriate linking or putting up a linking campaign, your webpage will not be discovered by the search engines. It is important that you take advantage of ways on how you can properly lure in traffic to your site.

INBOUND LINKS To Increase Page Rank

With inbound links, you are giving site visitors the easy connection to your site. But how can you get inbound links? The good thing to do this is to write articles and send them to numerous article directories. Blogs are also effective in giving your one-way links. Once again, that same write-up you composed for the article directories can be published in your blog and then forwarded to a blog directory. For additional information about this, consider Google’s guidelines to blog directory.

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OUTBOUND LINKS To Increase Page Rank

Outbound links are the links that you put in your website but results in a different site. Outbound links is just useful if it is extremely related to the content of your web site.

So how can outbound link assist you to? You are without a doubt aware of what it is. When you post links to other related pages, it is like advertising your site’s connection. However, you must be meticulous as to the sites you will link simply because this may hinder your SEO progress if you do not choose appropriate sites.

As a conclusion, this brief summary is just the beginning of what you should learn in SEO. It is never a simple work, and at times it can be laborious requiring much time and effort. Will it be worth it? Initially no, but SEO will soon give the profit you want, aside from the great place that you will get in the ranking.

It is better to be the tortoise and not hare. No matter how long  that allows you to get there but definitely, you are on the right path. Doing it the fast way is not quite recommended. So, will it give you what you want? You decide how you will get higher page rank!

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